Optics’ Manufacture

We have commit ourselves to the manufacture of a serise of crystal-based optical components for over 12 years,especially in the filed of nonlinear optics.


Optical  processing

We have a major team of engineers for optical components’ processing, who have rich experiences in cutting and polishing.


Optical Coating

In order to meet the individual coating requirements of varies applications for each customers, we do not stop our step towards the improvement of coating quality as well.


Optical inspection

Each elements are well taken care of before shipping to customers.For this purpose, we usually check the surface quality under 100 times magnifier and individual inspection requirements like beam shape and WFD are also accepted according to orders.


Optics’ refurbishing

To match the unique applications, like high power, crystals maybe damaged during this procession, we also provide professional refurbishing services for customers.


Technical consulting

If you are not sure how to design your system or what material may be used in this application, don’t worry, we have engineers who can provide free professional consulting. Just feel free to ask.

Our Services

DIEN TECH provides 1-2um laser crystals,such as,Nd:YAG、Nd,Ce:YAG、Yb:YAG、Nd:YAP、Nd:YVO4. 2~3um laser crystals,such as:Ho:YAG、Ho:YAP、CTH:YAG、Er:YAG、Er:YSGG、Cr,Er:YSGG、Fe:ZnSe、Cr:ZnSe. Long wavelength NLO crystals,such as:ZGP、AGS、AGSE、AGISE、CdSe. Also other crystal-based optical components and devices.
Our capability including optical elements’ manufacture, process, coating, repair and we are able to help customers with a whole set of solution of laser system and technical consulting. If you have requirements, we are happy to help.