Undoped YAG Crystals

  • Product Name: Undoped YAG
  • Crystal structure: Cubic
  • Density: 4.5g/cm3
  • Transmission Range: 250-5000nm
  • Melting Point: 1970°C
  • Specific Heat: 0.59 W.s/g/K
  • Thermal Conductivity: 14 W/m/K
  • Thermal Shock Resistance: 790 W/m
  • Product Detail



    Undoped Yttrium Aluminium Garnet (Y3Al5O12 or YAG) is a new substrate and optical material that can be used for both UV and IR optics. It is particularly useful for high-temperature and high-energy applications. The mechanical and chemical stability of YAG is similar to that of Sapphire.
    Advantages of Undoped YAG:
    • High thermal conductivity, 10 times better than glasses
    • Extremely hard and durable
    • Non-birefringence
    • Stable mechanical and chemical properties
    • High bulk damage threshold
    • High index of refraction, facilitating low aberration lens design
    • Transmission in 0.25-5.0 mm, no absorption in 2-3 mm
    • High thermal conductivity
    • High index of refraction and Non-birefringence

    Basic properties:

    Product Name Undoped YAG
    Crystal structure Cubic
    Density 4.5g/cm3
    Transmission Range 250-5000nm
    Melting Point 1970°C
    Specific Heat 0.59 W.s/g/K
    Thermal Conductivity 14 W/m/K
    Thermal Shock Resistance 790 W/m
    Thermal Expansion 6.9×10-6/K
    dn/dt, @633nm 7.3×10-6/K-1
    Mohs Hardness 8.5
    Refractive Index 1.8245 @0.8mm, 1.8197 @1.0mm, 1.8121 @1.4mm

    Technical Parameters:

    Orientation [111] within 5°
    Diameter +/-0.1mm
    Thickness +/-0.2mm
    Flatness l/8@633nm
    Parallelism ≤ 30″
     Perpendicularity ≤ 5 ′
    Scratch-Dig 10-5 per MIL-O-1383A
    Wavefront Distortion better than l/2 per inch@1064nm