CTH:YAG Crystals

  • Cr3+ Concentration: 0.85%
  • Tm3+ Concentration: 5.9%
  • Ho3+ Concentration: 0.36%
  • Emission Wavelength: 2.080 um
  • Flouresence Lifetime: 8.5 ms
  • Pump Wavelength: flash lamp or diode pumped @ 780nm
  • Product Detail

    Technical parameters

    Test report

    Ho,Cr,Tm:YAG -yttrium aluminium garnet laser crystals doped with chromium,thulium and holmium ions to provide lasing at 2.13 microns are finding more and more applications,especially in the medical industry.The inherent advantage of the crystal crystal is that it employs YAG as the host. YAG’s physical,thermal and optical properties are well known and understood by every laser designer.  It has wide applications in surgery, dentistry, atmospheric testing, etc.
    Advantages of CTH:YAG:
    • High slope efficiency
    • Pumped by flash lamp or diode
    • Operates well at room temperature
    • Operates in a relatively eye-safe wavelength range

    Dopant Ion

    Cr3+ Concentration 0.85%
    Tm3+ Concentration 5.9%
    Ho3+ Concentration 0.36%

    Operating Spec

    Emission Wavelength 2.080 um
    Laser Transition 5I7 → 5I8
    Flouresence Lifetime 8.5 ms
    Pump Wavelength flash lamp or diode pumped @ 780nm

     Basic Properties

    Coefficient of Thermal Expansion 6.14 x 10-6 K-1
    Thermal Diffusivity 0.041 cm2 s-2
    Thermal Conductivity 11.2 W m-1 K-1
    Specific Heat (Cp) 0.59 J g-1 K-1
    Thermal Shock Resistant 800 W m-1
    Refractive Index @ 632.8 nm 1.83
    dn/dT (Thermal Coefficient of Refractive Index) @ 1064nm 7.8 10-6 K-1
    Melting Point 1965℃
    Density 4.56 g cm-3
    MOHS Hardness 8.25
    Crystal Structure Cubic
    Standard Orientation <111>
    Y3+ Site Symmetry D2
    Lattice Constant a=12.013 Å
    Molecular Weight 593.7 g mol-1

    Technical Parameters

    Wavefront Distortion ≤0.125ʎ/inch@1064nm
    Rod Sizes Diameter:3-6mm ,Length:50-120mm, Upon request of customer  
    Dimensional Tolerances Diameter:±0.05mm  Length:±0.5mm
    Barrel Finish Ground finish:400#Grit
    Parallelism < 30″
    Perpendicularity ≤5′
    Flatness ʎ/10
    Surface Quality 10/5
    AR coating Reflectivity ≤0.25%@2094nm