• AgGaS2 Crystals

    AgGaS2 Crystals

    AGS is transparent from 0.50 to 13.2 µm. Although its nonlinear optical coefficient is the lowest among the mentioned infrared crystals, high short wavelength transparency edging at 550 nm is made use of in OPOs pumped by Nd:YAG laser; in numerous difference frequency mixing experiments with diode, Ti:Sapphire, Nd:YAG and IR dye lasers covering 3–12 µm range; in direct infrared countermeasure systems, and for SHG of CO2 laser. Thin AgGaS2 (AGS) crystal plates are popular for ultrashort pulse generation in mid IR range by difference frequency generation employing NIR wavelength pulses.

  • GaP


    Gallium phosphide (GaP) crystal is an infrared optical material with good surface hardness, high thermal conductivity and wide band transmission.

  • ZnTe Crystal

    ZnTe Crystal

    Zinc Telluride is a binary chemical compound with the formula ZnTe.

  • Cr2+: ZnSe

    Cr2+: ZnSe

    Cr²+:ZnSe saturable absorbers (SA) are ideal materials for passive Q-switches of eye-safe fiber and solid-state lasers operating in the spectral range of 1.5-2.1 μm.

  • Nd:GdCOB Crystals

    Nd:GdCOB Crystals

    GdCOB (Ca4GdB3O10) is a new non-linear optical material

  • ZnGeP2 Crystals

    ZnGeP2 Crystals

    ZGP crystals possessing large nonlinear coefficients (d36=75pm/V), wide infrared transparency range(0.75-12μm), high thermal conductivity(0.35W/(cm·K)), high laser damage threshold (2-5J/cm2)and well machining property, ZnGeP2 crystal was called the king of infrared nonlinear optical crystals and is still the best frequency conversion material for high power, tunable infrared laser generation. We can offer high optical quality and large diameter ZGP crystals with extremely low absorption coefficient α < 0.05 cm-1(at pump wavelengths 2.0-2.1 µm), which can be used to generate mid-infrared tunable laser with high efficiency through OPO or OPA processes.

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