Achromatic Depolarizers

  • Material: Quartz 200-2500nm
  • Dimension Tolerance : ±0.2mm
  • Surface Quality : Better than 60/40 scratch and dig
  • Beam Deviation : <3 arc minutes
  • Wavefront Distortion: <λ/4@632.8nm
  • Clear Aperture: >90% central
  • Coating: Uncoated, AR coating available
  • Product Detail

    These achromatic depolarizers consist of two crystal quartz wedges, one of which is twice as thick as the other, that are separated by a thin metal ring. The assembly is held together by epoxy that has been applied only to the outside edge (i.e., the clear aperture is free from epoxy), which results in an optic with a high damage threshold. These depolarizers are available uncoated for use in the 190 – 2500 nm range or with one of three antireflection coatings deposited on all four surfaces (i.e., both sides of the two crystal quartz wedges). Choose from AR coatings for the 350 – 700 nm (-A coating), 650 – 1050 nm (-B coating), or 1050 – 1700 nm (-C coating) range.

    The optic axis of each wedge is perpendicular to the flat for that wedge. The orientation angle between the optic axes of the two quartz crystal wedges is 45°. The unique design of the quartz-wedge depolarizers eliminates the need to orient the optic axes of the depolarizer at any specific angle, which is especially useful if the depolarizer is used in an application where the initial polarization of the light is unknown or varies with time.


    Optic Axis Alignment Not Required
    Ideal for Broadband Light Sources and Large Diameter (>6 mm) Monochromatic Beams
    Air-Gap Design or Cemented
    Available Uncoated (190 – 2500 nm) or with One of Three AR Coatings