Undoped YVO4 crystal

  • Transparency Range: 400~5000nm
  • Crystal Symmetry: Zircon tetragonal, space group D4h
  • Crystal Cell: A=b=7.12 °, c=6.29 °
  • Density: 4.22 g/cm 2
  • Product Detail

    Technical parameter

    Undoped YVO 4 crystal is an excellent newly developed birefringence optical crystal and widely used in many beam displace online_orderings because of its large birefringence. It also has good physical and favorable mechnical properties than thers birefringent crystals, those outstanding properties make YVO4 very important birefringence optical material and widely used in opto-electronic research, development and industry. For example, the optical communication system needs a large quantity devices of undoped YVO4, such as fiber optical isolators, circulators, beam displacers, Glan polarizers and other polarizing devices.


    ●  It has very good transmission in a wide wavelength range from visible to infrared.
    ●  It has high refractive index and birefringence difference.
    ●  Compared with other important birefringence crystals, YVO4 has higher. hardness, better fabrication property, and water insolubility than calcite (CaCO3 single crystal).
    ●  Easier to make large, high quality crystal at lower cost than Rutile (TiO2 single crystal).

    Basic properties
    Transparency Range 400~5000nm
    Crystal Symmetry Zircon tetragonal, space group D4h
    Crystal Cell A=b=7.12 °, c=6.29 °
    Density 4.22 g/cm 2
    Hygroscopic Susceptibility Non-hygroscopic
    Mohs Hardness 5 glass like
    Thermal Optical Coefficient Dn a /dT=8.5×10 -6 /K; dn c /dT=3.0×10 -6 /K
    Thermal Conductivity Coefficient ||C: 5.23 w/m/k; ⊥C:5.10w/m/k
    Crystal Class Positive uniaxial with no=na=nb, ne=nc
    Refractive Indices, Birefringence( D n=ne-no) and Walk-Off Angle at 45 deg(ρ) No=1.9929, ne=2.2154, D n=0.2225, ρ=6.04°, at 630nm
    No=1.9500, ne=2.1554, D n=0.2054, ρ=5.72°, at 1300nm
    No=1.9447, ne=2.1486, D n=0.2039, ρ=5.69°, at 1550nm
    Sellmeier Equation ( l in mm) n o 2 =3.77834+0.069736/(l2 -0.04724)-0.0108133 l 2 n e 2 =24.5905+0.110534/(l2 -0.04813)-0.0122676 l2
    Technical parameter
    Diameter : max. 25mm
    Length: max. 30mm
    Surface Quality: better than 20/10 scratch/dig Per MIL-0-13830A
    Beam Deviation: <3 arc min
    Optical Axis Orientation: +/-0.2°
    Flatness: < l /4 @633nm
    Transimission Wavfront Distortion: <l /2 @633nm
    Coating: upon customer’s Specification