Super Achromatic Waveplates

  • Wavelength: 310-1100 or 600-2700nm
  • Surface quality: 20/10
  • Retardation Accuracy: λ/100
  • Parallelism: < 1 arc sec
  • Wavefront Distorance: <λ/10@633nm
  • Damage Threshold: 0.5 J/cm² (1064 nm, 10 ns, 10 Hz, Ø1 mm)
  • Coating: AR Coating
  • Mount: Anodized aluminum support
  • Product Detail

    Super Achromatic Waveplate can provides extremely flat phase delay in a large Wavelength broadband. The broadband of Quarter Waveplates are 325-1100nm or 600-2700nm, the Half Waveplates are 310-1100nm or 600-2700nm. The Super Achromatic Waveplate of standard adopt Glued strutures.We can customize phase retardation and wavelength according to customer’s requirment.


    •Provide flat phase retardation in a large spectral range.
    Quarter wave plate,used for 325-1100nm or 600-2700nm
    Half wave plate,used for 325-1100nm or 600-2700nm
    •Glued strutures.
    •AR Coating on surface.
    •1 inch housing can be installed.