Fresnel Rhomb Retarders

  • Material: K9 FRR,JGS1 FRR,ZnSe FRR
  • Wavelength: 350-2000nm,185-2100nm,600-16000nm
  • Retardance: 1/4or1/2
  • Retardance Variation: 2%(typical)
  • Surface quality: 20/10,20/10,40/20
  • Product Detail

     Fresnel Rhomb Retarders like broadband waveplates providing uniform λ/4 or λ/2 retardance over a wider range of wavelengths than possible with birefringent waveplates. They can replace retardation plates for broadband, multi-line or tunable laser sources.
    The rhomb is designed so that a 45° phase shift occurs at each internal reflection creating a total retardance of λ/4. Because the phase shift is a function of the slowly varying rhomb dispersion, the retardance change with wavelength is much lower than other types of retarders. The half wave retarder combines two quarter wave rhombs.
    •Quarter-Wave or Half-Wave Retardance
    •Broader Wavelength Range than Waveplates
    •Cemented Prisms