Absorption coefficient <0.02cm-1 at 2090nm

New developed ZnGeP2 (Code:YS-ZGP) crystals show better proformance than original ZnGeP2 crystals

Brief introduction


Aperture size

15 x 15 mm ; Theta=54.7deg.

The unique larger aperture size of ZnGeP2 single crystal is difficult to grow. In the procession, we have overcame a lot of problems to achieve better dimensions and properties.

Generally, the absorption coefficient of ZGP should be <0.05cm-1 at 2090nm. However, with our technology, we are able to achieve <0.02cm-1 at 2090nm.

C-ZGP( original ZGP) is grew by 'Vertical growth method', while YS-ZGP( new technology ZGP) is grew by'Horizontal growth method'.


Length size

51 mm; Theta=54.7deg.

Our new technology of 'Horizontal growth method' enables us to get elements with long length with good properties. Such as,  better homogeneity and output efficiency.

 The standard coating for this phase match angle is AR/AR@ 2090nm +3-5um. We also accept custom coating design as per requests.

Low absorption coefficient

High nonlinear coefficient

Excellent output efficiency

Post time: Mar-17-2021