What is this conference about?

The International Advanced Fiber Laser (AFL) Conference is a preeminent special conference for fiber laser, bringing together professionals engaged in advanced fiber laser to make academic communications, and providing a platform for scientists and engineers to present prospective viewpoint and probe into key technologies. The themes of the conference include the wide range of fields for fiber laser research and applications, such as fiber and fiber based device, high power fiber laser, ultrafast fiber laser and nonlinear fiber optics, mid-infrared fiber laser and fiber supercontinuum, fiber laser combination, and fiber laser application, as well as a selection of fourpropelled special sessions, including Young Scientist Forum, Simulation Software for Fiber Laser, Industrial Application Forum for Fiber Laser and Best Student Paper Award Competition.

What we wanna say?

We are going to attend ALF conference, and it will be our grear honor to meet you there!

Post time: Sep-10-2021