Generated Energetic Picosecond 10.2-µm Pulses 

for seeding high power CO2 amplifiers

DIEN TECH, a leading provider of nonlinear and laser crystals, is thrilled to announce its pivotal role in a groundbreaking experiment showcasing the generation of energetic picosecond 10.2-µm pulses for seeding high power CO2 amplifiers.

This achievement, detailed in a recent paper, represents a significant leap forward in laser technology and underscores the exceptional capabilities of DIEN TECH’ s cutting-edge nonlinear crystals BaGa2GeSe6.

  • Positively chirped 10.2-µm pulses are generated by the DFG process when mixing the 1338-nm pulses and the negatively chirped 1540-nm pulses in a 10-mm long BaGa2GeSe6  crystal (type-II (o=o-e), θ = 27.3◦ , ϕ = 12.7)


  • After compensation of the positive chirp of the 10.2-µm pulse in a Treacy-type grating compressor [30], the output energy can be up to 60 µJ. 


  • This achievement highlights DIEN TECH’s commitment to innovation and excellence in providing cutting-edge optical solutions. As the industry continues to evolve, DIEN TECH remains at the forefront, empowering researchers to achieve remark.
Post time: Mar-14-2024