Rochon Polarizers

Rochon polarizer is made of two birefringent material prisms cemented together. Both ordinary and extraordinary beams propagate collinearly down the optic axis in the first prism under the ordinary refractive index. Upon entering the second prism the ordinary beam experiences the same refractive index and continues undeviated. The extra-ordinary beam, however, now has a lower refractive index and is refracted at the interface. The angle of refraction is further increased at the birefringent material/air exit surface. Any separation angle can be designed for specific wavelength upon the requirement.

Technical Parameters:

a-BBO、Calcite、YVO 4、Quartz
Wavelength Range
a-BBO : 190~3500 、Calcite: 350~2300 nm,
YVO 4 : 500~4000 nm, Quartz: 200~2300 nm,
Extinction Ratio
a-BBO:<5x10-6 、YVO 4 :<5x10-6 、Quartz:<5x10-5、MgF2:<5x10-5
Surface Quality
20 / 10

<1 arc Min
Beam Deviation
< 3 arc minutes
Damage Threshold
λ /4@633nm
Standard : P Coating, or upon customers' request
Anodized Aluminium