Glan Taylor Polarizers

Glan-Taylor polarizer is designed to transmit only extraordinary polarization of the beam, while ordinary polarization beam is deflected to the housing. Typical application of the polarizer is “cleaning” the polarization of a light source, or attenuation of polarized light source. 

Glan-type polarizers has few advantages over thin film polarizers. Firstly extinction ratio of Glan-type polarizer is higher than TFP by 2-4 orders of magnitude, which allows to have better polarization purity. Second advantage is broadband spectral operation range, whereas TFP are designed for narrow laser line operation. Standard polarizers are mounted into barrel type mounts which are convenient for most applications.

Technical Parameters:

Material Calcite , α-BBO,  YVO4
Clear Aperture
Surface quality
20-10 S-D

Wavelength range
350-2000nm ,190-3500nm, 500-4000nm
Beam deviation
<3 arcmin
Transmitted wavefront distortion 
<λ/4 @ 632.8 nm
Damage Threshold >200MW/cm2@1064nm, 20ns, 20Hz
Coating Standard:P Coating, or upon customers' request
Holder Anodic alumina stent