Ho:YAG Ho3+ ions doped into insulating laser crystals have exhibited 14 inter-manifold laser channels, operating in temporal modes from CW to mode-locked . Ho:YAG is commonly used as an efficient means to generate 2.1-μm laser emission from the 5I75I8 transition, for applications such as laser remote sensing, medical surgery, and pumping Mid-IR OPO's to achieve 3-5micron emission. Direct diode pumped systems,and Tm: Fiber Laser pumped system have demonstrated hi slope efficiencies, some approaching the theoretical limit.

Basic Properties:

Forluma Ho:Y3Al5O12
Structure Cubic
Lattice constant
Melting point 1970°C
Density 4.56g/cm3
Refractive index 1.82
Thermal expansion 7.8x10-6 /K
Thermal conductivity 14W/m/K, 20°C
10.5W/m/K, 100°C
concentration 0.2% ~3%(as per customers request)

Technical Parameters:

  •  Wavefront distortionλ/8per inch @633nm

  • Extinction ratio:>28dB

  • Tolerance:Rods with diameter:(+0、-0.05)mm,( ±0.5) mm

  • Surface quality10/5 Scratch/dig per MIL-O-1380A

  • Parallelism:<10arc seconds

  • Perpendicularity:<5arc minutes

  • Aperture:>90%

  • Flatness:λ/10@ 633 nm

Customized available