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DIEN TECH Website2.0 has been officially online.

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We are your near,middle,far infrared crystals and NLO crystals supplier!

1-2um laser crystals,such as,Nd:YAG、Nd,Ce:YAG、Yb:YAG、Nd:YAP、Nd:YVO4,etc. 

2~3um laser crystals,such as:Ho:YAG、Ho:YAP、CTH:YAG、Er:YAG、Er:YSGG、Cr,Er:YSGG、Fe:ZnSe、Cr:ZnSe etc.

Long wavelength NLO crystals,such as:ZGP、AGS、AGSE、AGISE、CdSe etc.

If you didn't find the products you are looking for on our website, please contact us for individual solution.

We are looking forward to our friendly cooperation.